Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Dakota Hot Springs?

Dakota Hot Springs is located on the south side of US Hwy 50 approximately one mile west of the junction of US Hwy 50 & CO Hwy 115 in Penrose, CO. Please see Directions for more information.


Wasn\'t Dakota Hot Springs known as the Well?

Yes, Dakota Hot Springs was previously known as The Well at Brush Creek. Under new management, the name changed to Dakota Hot Springs in 2003.


Do you add chlorine to your pool?

No. The water in our pool flows naturally from geothermal springs located on our property.


Do you allow camping?

Yes, camping is available for our overnight guests. We offer tent sites and vehicle camping spots (no hook-ups). Currently there are no other accommodations on site.


What are your hours?

We are open six days a week. We have two sessions 10AM - 3:15 PM & 4PM - 9:15 PM. You must make a reservation to visit the Hot Springs. Reservations can be made on line. Wednesday through Sunday we are suits optional, Tuesday suits are required.

Why aren\'t you open Mondays ? What day do you clean the pool?

We drain the pool on Sunday night and clean the pool on Mondays


What exactly does clothing/swimsuit optional mean?

Every day except Tuesday clothing and swimsuits are optional, which means if you feel like experiencing nature in the buff, you are welcome to do so. Ready to sunbathe au-naturel? No tan lines! And lounging, relaxing or soaking in the nude is perfectly acceptable. Dakota Hot Springs is a family friendly environment and there are rules that everyone must follow to make your experience a pleasurable and enjoyable one.


What if I want to leave during the day?

Your soaking fee is good the session. If you choose to leave for any reason (e.g. dinner, sightseeing, etc.), just make sure you are signed in before you leave so that we can let you back in to continue your soaking experience.


Do you have towels available?

Yes, we rent towels for a fee of $5.00/towel.   Check with the front office should you forget to bring a towel with you.


I would like to bring my family. Is that appropriate?

COVID Children are not permitted until restrictions are lifted

Yes, families and children love the pool and activities. Please keep them under adult supervision at all times. If this is the first time for you or a member of your party to experience a clothing optional hot springs, be prepared for you will encounter naked bodies! If you prefer to experience the hot springs for your first time while swimsuits are required, it is suggested you come on a Tuesday


Can I bring a picnic?

We encourage guests to bring along food & drinks, especially if you are going to be at the hot springs for an extended period. Please remember glass is not allowed in the pool area at any time and must be left in the office or your vehicle. In addition, a snack items are for sale in the office and bottled water or soda pop is available in vending machines. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in cans or plastic bottles/containers only.


Can I use the Grill?

We have a grill available. If you wish to utilize the grill, check with the front desk. We also provide a microwave in the cabana for our guests.


Does the water smell? What minerals are in it?

The water at Dakota Hot Springs is a naturally flowing and is odorless and tasteless. The water does contain calcium, mineral salts, soda, and a trace of sulphur.